Kaposvar, Hungary

July 2nd week / Boys Under 7 to Under 16

Youth Football Festival is one of the most popular football tournaments in Europe. It is also a great opportunity for young footballers to show their talents and skills. Youth football festival sees participation from more than 50 countries around the world.

Kaposvár city - with its university, education system, and thousands of students - is a real school city. With the well-kept plazas, streets, colourful flowerbeds it is the city of flowers. With its rippling wells it is the city of waterworks. With its lively cultural life, rich art programmes it is the city of festivals and the city of painters. With its wonderfully reborn downtown with the feeling of peaceful, Mediterranean atmosphere, the chief town of the county has become a real European city. Sport plays a big part of the city’s life since there are several possiblities for sport activities for those who live or visit the city. The most popular sports in the city are football, volleyball and basketball.